I. SAP Audit
We have an experienced team of professionals who help you to get the best Standard SAP Solution
We help clients in reviewing Business Process and Technical Work.
Why do you need SAP Audit?
It’s always good to get your business process reviewed by Professionals, as they play a key role in
designing your system.
The cost of Implementation is high once the process is rollout it is expensive and time-consuming to
It is basically done for data security and integrity which is the foremost concern in any SAP audit.
Through security, you are able to monitor who has access to what data and processes and ensure that
there is sufficient segregation of duties so as to prevent someone from perpetrating fraud. Review of
this process and the people involved with it will be a key to the audit of the system.
As we know SAP integrates data from legacy systems, it is necessary to make sure that the mapping
between the legacy systems and SAP is proper and complete. The thorough review of these plans along
with the mapping of these systems will be important in this phase of the audit.
Technical Audit also plays a key role as bad code quality will result in the poor performance of the
system. It might affect the total number of transactions and lead to frustration amongst users and
outlays in the future.
Most of the clients do not have proper documentation of Functional & Technical Objects, which make
process understanding quite difficult and Increases dependency on the vendors.

II. SAP Technical Support
We have a good team of technical consultants who can work with their well-defined methods and
practices to fulfill customer needs. They are the people who design and implement the solution for the
customers. They translate functional specs into technical specs. Moreover, they develop programs
specified by the functional team to fill the gaps between the business processes and the sap system.
We work on implementation project and AMS business. Also, our delivery model is flexible enough to
meet up market demands.


We work on personalizing and simplifying the User Interface. SAP Fiori helps in delivering role-based,
customer-grade user experiences across all lines of business, tasks, and devices. It increases
productivity i.e., helps in faster and direct access to relevant information and application. It allows users
to take quick and informed actions and increases the rate of user satisfaction.
It’s intuitive and easy-to-use with minimal wait time as essential functions are straightforward to
navigate. It is planned to be running on multiple platforms – SAP Portal, SAP HANA Cloud Portal and
HANA and across devices. Moreover, increases compliance and data quality by making it easier to enter
information into your system of record with pull-down menus and radio buttons reducing data entry

IV. SAP Performance Tuning
It is the major activity in the SAP as systematic and proactive performance optimization increases the
benefits of the R/3 system and reduces the cost of ownership. The consequences of poor performance
may lead to additional work, production delays and financial loss.
Optimized systems can maximize the net value that the customer receives and thereby improves our
customer satisfaction levels. It is not always the code which slows down the system, it’s often the logic
or the process which need improvements. One of the most common performance issues is a program
which fetches huge volume of unwanted data which gets stored in the buffer and wipes out frequently
used data from the buffer, thereby leading to performance degradation.
SAP has provisioned various tools to monitor and optimize performance like ABAP Buffer monitoring
St02, Workload analysis ST03N, and Application monitoring module wise ST07/ST14.