Passing data into dynamic internal table

Suppose you want to change the data of two internal, you wish to change the data of a field dynamically. ASSIGN COMPONENT lv_field OF STRUCTURE ls_output TO <fs_field>. IF <fs_field> IS ASSIGNED. <fs_field> = lv_name.   “This line will update the […]

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Update Z fields data to ACDOCA

Finance ACDOCA Update For Updating Z fields added in ACDOCA you can create an enhancement in class CL_FINS_ACDOC_POSTING_EVENTS method MOVE_FIELDS ,es_acdoc_projected structure need to be filled. 730 there is BADI BADI_FINS_ACDOC_POSTING_EVENTS  Refer note 2453614  

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SAP WIRE Logic for Payments

There is a standard BO available for it as well BUSISB001. The Status is available in BNK_BATCH_HEADER. “Selecting the GUID of Status SELECT SINGLE status FROM bnk_batch_header INTO @DATA(lv_stat) WHERE batch_no = @lv_batch. “Checking the Status of Batch lv_status = […]

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