SAP DBM Customer Assignment to Vehicle

SAP DBM Customer Assignment to Vehicle BAPI VMS Action : QACU Is used to assign the customer to Vehicle. For this requirement SAP has provided the BAPI to assign customer to Vehicle. BAPI : /DBM/VM13_VEHICUST_ASSIGNMENT Helpful Source Code:-       CALL FUNCTION ‘/DBM/VM13_VEHICUST_ASSIGNMENT’ EXPORTING iv_vguid      = ls_vlcdiavehi–vguid iv_kunnr      = vlcactdata_cs–kunnr […]

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Default Division in /DBM/ORDER

Setting Default Division on SAP DBM Order Screen. In transactions /DBM/ORDER01, /DBM/ORDER02 when user go to the Item tab and click search on the material the Division comes as default. The Division can be changed using SAP BADI. BADI Details : /DBM/BADI_ORDER_UI […]

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DBM Vehicle Creation & PO Creation

Vehicle Creation & PO Creation in Single Click. HYPERLINK In SAP DBM creating a vehicle and its Purchase Order (PO) is a two Step process. We can club the process into single step using the BAPI. SAP DBM Vehicle Upload […]

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