Update Z fields data to ACDOCA

Finance ACDOCA Update For Updating Z fields added in ACDOCA you can create an enhancement in class CL_FINS_ACDOC_POSTING_EVENTS method MOVE_FIELDS ,es_acdoc_projected structure need to be filled. 730 there is BADI BADI_FINS_ACDOC_POSTING_EVENTS  Refer note 2453614  

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SAP Submit statement syntax

Syntax for submitting You can use the selection option as well DATA: isel TYPE TABLE OF rsparams. DATA: xsel TYPE rsparams. xsel–selname = ‘S_VBELN’. xsel–kind    = ‘S’. xsel–sign    = ‘I’. xsel–option  = ‘EQ’. xsel–low     = ‘0030000398’. APPEND xsel TO isel. BREAK-POINT. SUBMIT <report_name> *        via selection-screen WITH SELECTION-TABLE isel. *                          and return When you wish to submit the perform of other program PERFORM get_data(ZXX_pdf) USING nast CHANGING […]

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SAP Join Syntax   SELECT a~bukrs, a~land1, b~kalsm, c~mwskz, c~mwart FROM t001 AS a INNER JOIN t005 AS b ON a~land1 = b~land1 INNER JOIN t007a AS c ON b~kalsm = c~kalsm INTO TABLE @DATA(lt_tax_code) FOR ALL ENTRIES IN @gt_file […]

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