SAP Adobe Form Translation

You can do the SAP Adobe form translation from SE63.

You can also do translation from SFP, Open Form navigate Goto-> Translations once it open you need to double click on PDF-Based Forms for the 1st time you can select the button copy from source it will copy Language from the original language now you can edit them as per the requirement.

If you wish to transport the Translation done you need to Run Transaction code SLXT.

You need to enter the below data in Selection Screen

Tranget Language
Keep the check box of Create New Request also add description
Time Period you can add the specific date on which changes were made
Object Type enter all the Q5 entires

Then Run the report all the Transaction done during the period in Adobe form will be added in request

Sometimes after you fixed the translations, new translation dont reflects it is due to the cache memory, you need to run this report FP_PDF_TEST_26.

SO10 Text add it in Request using this program RSTXTRAN.