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In Adobe forms Interface or Driver Program you need to call the Functional Module

CALL METHOD cl_ssf_xsf_utilities=>get_bds_graphic_as_bmp
    p_object       = ‘GRAPHICS’
    p_name         = lv_logoname
    p_id           = ‘BMAP’   “‘BMON’
    p_btype        = ‘BMON’   “‘BCOL’
    p_bmp          = xstring
    not_found      = 1
    internal_error = 2
    OTHERS         = 3.
P_ID &P_BTYPE depends on the type logo you wish to display.

XSTRING Should be of XSTRING type.

Once you have the XSTRING Value in the variable you need to go to SFP Form Design, Add the Graphic only two points need to kept in mind

  1. Graphic Type Should be “GRAPHIC CONTENT”
  2. MIME TYPE Should be ‘image/bmp’

Please keep it in mind if you are using Interactive Adobe it is case sensitive you need to enter same way as written in point 2.