SAP Event not getting triggered

I know that for Parked document FIPP is the BO and CREATED is the event that is triggered when a parked document is created.

Now when i created a Parked Document using FV50 tcode, i dont find any entry for FIPP in SWEL tcode. My question is why is this happening, I mean why the event is not getting captured in SWEL when event trace is switched ON.

Solution :

You have to do some configuration to trigger the workflow,plesae follow the steps

1. Go to Transcation OBWA

Create workflow variant has

Test- WF Park and post workflow test

Please tick the check box (Posting release) and give the Sub-Workflow Template Name(wht workflow you are created).

2. go to Transcation OBWJ

Asign the WF variant to which Company code u have want to create.

0015 Test WF Park and post workflow test

3. Use the Business obejct FIPP- Created(event) in the Workflow