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In Odata GetEntitySet & GetEntity methords are redefined. When we need to send the data from URL in the below syntax for sending it to its respective method.

GetEntity Method is used to return single output only means in structure it will return single value.


GetEntitySet Method is used to return Multiple records in the structure.


http://sapservername/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZOD_SHIPTOPARTY_ADDR_SRV_01/zod_mob_shiptoparty_addrSet?$filter=Shiptopartyid eq ‘120000011’ and Plant eq ‘1020’.

Learning ODATA :-

below steps will help you learn OData Service creation steps in detial.



SAP Odata tutorial


sap odata filter

SAP Odata URL for GetEntitySet

SAP Odata URL for GetEntity

sap odata step by step

SAP OData URL Links

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